Cryptocurrency masternodes 24/7 monitoring system.

NodeMaster keeps an eye on your masternodes and gives an opportunity to be instantly aware of any issue happened helping not to lose any single coin reward.


A common masternode investor problem...

We bet many of you faced the situation when starting your desktop wallet you find out that several masternodes are offline by some reason for a long time already. And all this time they're idle and not gaining coins.

"If only I could know about the issue and solved it immediately...", - you thought.
Admit it, you had such thoughts, right?

The only way to track the masternodes statuses is to always keep your computer online with coin desktop wallet started on it (but sometimes it's many wallets of various coins) and to stare at the display all time long.

But we think that you have many other important things to do.

But is there another way?

Yes! NodeMaster is a key!

It's a system which monitors cryptocurrencies blockchains and watches masternodes statuses for you.

In case of any issue with your masternodes you will get instant notification and an opportunity to fix the issue before you start losing coin rewards.

We don't need any access to your private keys and personal wallets. All the coin as usual are safe and completely under your control.
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Benefits of using our solution

Realtime monitoring

24/7 on guard
of your rewards

Instant notifications

Any issue - get an
instant notification

Various coins supported

Also payments in crypto
are accepted

Mobile-ready website

At any place
at your fingertips


Young Investor
Limit of MasterNodes
Check interval
~30 minutes
Telegram bot notifications
$0.30 / month
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Amateur investor
Limit of MasterNodes
Check interval
~15 minutes
Telegram bot notifications
$0.80 / month
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Big investor
Limit of MasterNodes
Check interval
~10 minutes
Telegram bot notifications
$1.49 / month
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Huge investor
Limit of MasterNodes
Check interval
~5 minutes
Telegram bot notifications
$2.59 / month
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Investor "Like a Boss"
Limit of MasterNodes
Check interval
~5 minutes
Telegram bot notifications
$4.99 / month
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NodeMaster is a simply and easy to use service.
If you still have any question, please use Contact Form to reach us.

NodeMaster uses blockchain publicly available information to monitor the statuses of your masternodes. You don't need to keep your computer and local wallet on.

Of course all your coins are safe on your local wallet under your full control. The service doesn't require any private information for its work such as wallet private key and etc. Monitoring is performed using the masternode collateral transaction ID which is public available.

At this time in-browser and Telegram bot notifications are supported. To get Telegram notifications on you need to enable the corresponding option in your account settings.

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